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   GUANGDONG TAILI NEW MATERIAL FILM TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD is one specialized is engaged in the production of PET film, APET film, PVC film, PP film, PS film manufacturer, covers an area of 30000 ㎡, the monthly output can reach 800 tons, the mode of operation in production, the combination of agents from home and abroad famous quality products: (toray, toyo spinning) in Japan, the United States (dupont, kodak), South Korea (SKC, cologne), Taiwan (hongxin, South Asia, and Taiwan), etc., products widely used in: membrane switch, printing, electronics, tags, cartons skylight, toys, food, medicine, blister, folding boxes, cosmetics, hardware and other industries, products through the SGS, FDA authentication.

Company has all kinds of production equipment and has a number of experienced management personnel and technical personnel, since its inception in 1996 has always adhere to the quality strives for the development, the business principle of good faith service, high quality products to win the majority of customers trust and praise, has received the support of our vendors and support.

In order to maximize customer benefit, all the film of our company can be customized according to customer's requirement.Tailor the right product, at the same time, the company continuously for independent innovation, positive development of various special properties of the film (mold, anti-static, corona, fog, laser printing, conductive, grinding, high temperature resistant, prevent scratching, insulation, fire protection, etc.)

In order to meet the diversified demands of different customers, the company also provides the services of slicing, subsection, covering and whole equality.Good faith every detail, strive for all customer satisfaction the idea, is the company's main core!This company is the motivation, continuous improvement, improvement, innovation, and endeavor to create brilliant!The customers for the company and rely on, looking to the future of packaging, will, as always, the unremitting efforts in this field, for the overwhelming majority of customers with the best quality products and perfect service.We hope to develop together with you in the process of your satisfaction.

Welcome all new and old customers to visit the company, visit, inquire!

The subsidiary company operates printing consumables:
Mainly engaged in corrugated paper and carton printing machinery and accessories, agents from Germany, Spain, Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Taiwan and China and other international famous brand name factory quality products. So we put all the focus on two aspects: one is seeking to improve product quality and the efficiency of the machine parts, hope to introduce to our customers;The second is to provide the technical support of the pit machine and watermarking machine to solve the difficulties encountered in the production of paper products.

1. Print, engraving knife imported from Japan, cross (a word) fiber glue, the sun of the wheel and the paper feeding wheel, time, glue, ti, pressure die cutter anvil, diaphragm pump, hanging version of tank, hang hang version of the article, hanging version, version (PVC, PET) film and film base.
2. Germany MU;HLEN SOHN (mirren) canvas belt, driving drum liner, conveyor belt automatic, ANCHOR steel buckle, AHS spray device, string.
3. Spanish TIRUNA (Dillon) corrugated, roller beer special knife cushion, sun wheel.
4. British PAMARCO ceramic roller, Esterlam plastic scraper, roller cleaning agent.
5. Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands and other national industrial belts. Rotary joints, metal steam hoses, thin knives, grinding wheels, brake pads.
6.American R/BAK air cushion plate, high temperature resistant fabric, pump diaphragm, buckle machine, belt buckle, French RECYL roller cleaning agent, copper wire brush, wire brush, plastic scraping knife.

We undertake automatic engineering and production equipment modification and renovation and professional maintenance.

Our company has a group of senior cardboard boxes, production management and technical personnel, can provide all the carton production and printing technology support and advisory services, we have perfect after-sales service to customer satisfaction.

I look forward to your call and return your support!
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