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Automatic intelligent pressure version machine
1. Jintianchang has successfully developed the second generation of full-automatic press, which is more cost-effective than the first generation:
1. 220V frequency conversion: one hour only requires two kilowatt-hours of electricity (the first-generation fixed frequency requires five kilowatt-hours),
2. Efficient, can produce 2500 square meters a day (the first generation produces only 1,000 square meters),
3. It can be used directly with the PVC plain section (not using ABS high to form this version), stronger.
4. PLC program control (the first generation is 3.5 inches, many customers are not responsive), more intelligent, pure and foolproof operation.
5. Avoid double-sided glue, the glue is directly pressed into the base and the plate.
The main point is: add quantity not to add price, price is the first generation price!
7, (1) this device for printing consumables middlemen wide customer resources (hand), (2) manufacturers, as long as you are available a month more than 1000 square, has the equipment for you to save ten thousand yuan a month a month:.
8. The company has started to develop a third generation full automatic press release machine, which is more effective, and can produce the 700MM length in one time!You can produce 5,000 square meters a day, only three people!
2.Equipment introduction, equipment advantages performance
No double sided tapes required
High efficiency. And safe operations
Main features
*Bonding edging strips onto PET mylar films
*Very rapid process times
*Consistent bonding quality with visual perfect, stable and reproducible items
*No single/double sided tapes required during bonding process
*Eliminate huge manpower requirement and highly improve the productivity
Bonding System is the newest technology for joining edging strips and mounting films together.This bonding process is characterized by the quality ,strength and accuracy .The typical manpower requirements and single/double sided tapes for edging strips plate carriers are completely eliminated .This technology is particularly suitable for improving flexographic plates mounting processes.
2.Device parameters
1.Function: According to customer requirements to adjust the parameters, through the patented technology to produce qualified film, finished hanging film base.
2.Use power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
3.Air supply pressure: 0.2MPa ~ 0.7Mpa
4. Machine power: 4200W, operating frequency: 15KHz
5. Production efficiency: 5m / min .
6. Mold for the dentate, forming more solid.
7. Adhesive time according to product quality requirements, adhesion time: 0 ~ 9 seconds (adjustable), preload time: 0 ~ 9 seconds (adjustable), holding time: 0 ~ 9 seconds (adjustable)
8. Feeding cylinder stroke at 200mm, to ensure that can produce length: 200mm-5000mm film base.
9. The machine adopts PLC control. The use of cylinder feed, to ensure the accuracy of feeding; the use of sub-section, the total length according to product needs, set the number of press, each time the length of 200mm
10. Machine only need one person to operate, mainly responsible for the boot, discharge material.
11. Machine size: 1600 (long) x600 (width) x600 (high). Equipment Net Weight: 260Kg
3.The working principle of this machine
1. Set the required machining parameters and turn on the power.
2. Press the start button, the servo system automatically according to the set processing parameters.
3. Machine normal work, the adhesive is completed after the completion of the machine automatically set the task.
4. In the process of feeding trip , must keep the flat bar and the films in the right place, otherwise the bonding will be dislocation.
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