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The fourth generation automatic platen press

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Guangdong Taili New Material Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a rigid technology enterprise, mainly engaged in the production of PET polyester film, insulating film polyester film PET film, APET film, PVC film, PLA film, RPET film, BIOPET film, PP film, PETG film, HPET film, GAG film, PS film, PC film, color film, frosted film, degradable film, release PET, diffusion film, scratch resistant PET, frosted PET and various special films. Printing consumables: MYLER FILM(PET FILM)HANGING BAR/PLASTRIC STRIPR-BACK(CUSHION SHEET)FIBRE TAPEDOUBLE SIDE TAPEPVC CHANNELALUMINIUM CHANNELSUN WHEELPAPER FEED WHEELPLASTIC SCRAPER PLATE SPRING PADBRIDGE SPONGEetc. With the purpose of sincere service, integrity first, quality first, price concessions, we warmly provide new and old customers with the best and most favorable materials, and can also process high-precision slitting, film covering, cutting materials and other processes for customers.

After years of development, the business philosophy of Taili New Materials is to "put honesty first, customers first, and provide customers with high-quality products and services at reasonable prices". To this end, Taili New Materials continuously introduces new equipment, new technologies, and new products, expands its supply capacity, and ensures that it meets the increasing requirements of customers. Now, Taili New Materials has: a PET production line with a daily maximum output of 60 tons, and multiple film slitters, Computer automatic slicer, programmable paper cutter and other advanced equipment.

With the spirit of being conscientious and sincere, all employees of Taili New Materials sincerely serve and cooperate with new and old customers, and look forward to creating a brilliant tomorrow w

This machine is a full-automatic intelligent plate pressing machine for professional typesetting and hanging strips of plate making companies. It is designed to save costs and eliminate the use of kraft paper tape, double-sided tape, etc. in traditional plate pasting. It is welded once and firmly. Imported electronic components are used to ensure the service life.
This machine has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, and is the ideal equipment for plate making companies and carton factories.
Key upgrades of the fourth generation automatic intelligent platen pressing machine:
    1. The small button screen is upgraded to a 5.5 inch LCD screen!
    2. Pressing is upgraded from the original 350mm to 400mm through breakthrough technology, which is more convenient and                   practical!
    3. Power increase, frequency conversion technology, more power saving, better compression effect! Higher output!
    4. The air pressure display is upgraded. The fixed air pressure is 7 kg, and the compression effect is better!
    5. Mold upgrade:
       1): It is upgraded from the original ordinary aluminum mold to the reinforced aluminum mold with higher hardness and durability,
       2): The die pressing saw tooth is hardened from the original ordinary die to 16 degree black gold steel. The original die will turn                 the plate bar black during the pressing process, and now it is completely integrated! All technical upgrades are only for better               service for every customer's choice!
    1. No need for double-sided tape High efficiency and safe operation
Main features of the product:
    *Able to stick the batten on PET polyester film
   *The process is very fast and takes a short time
   *High fitting quality, beautiful vision, good stability and repeatable operation
   *No need to use single-sided/double-sided tape in the fitting process
   *Greatly reduce manpower demand and improve productivity
    The platen system represents the latest technology of platen This bonding process is characterized by high quality, strong strength      and accurate precision. It is no longer dependent on the traditional manpower requirements, and the single-sided/double-sided            tape has also been completely replaced. This technology is particularly suitable for improving the installation process of                      flexographic plates.
    Bonding connected chip base system
    Install the film base and version hanging strip
  ​  Processing plate hanging strip
    And install the film together
2. Equipment parameters:
    1. Function: Adjust the parameters according to the customer's requirements, and produce qualified integrated film base through             patented technology.
    2. Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz
    3. Air source pressure: 0.2MPa ~ 0.7MPa
    4. Machine power: 4200W, working frequency: 15KHz
    5. Production efficiency: about 5m/min.
    6. The mold is tooth shaped, and the molding is more firm.
    7. The adhesion time shall be determined according to the product quality requirements. The mold lowering time: 0~9 seconds                 (adjustable), the plate hanging strip base welding time: 0~9 seconds (adjustable), and the plate hanging strip base hardening             time: 0~9 seconds (adjustable)
    8. The stroke of the feeding cylinder is 400mm, ensuring that the production length is 400mm-5000mm.
    9. The machine is controlled by PLC. Cylinder feeding is adopted to ensure feeding accuracy; Sectional pressing shall be                         adopted.The total length shall be set according to the product needs. The pressing times shall be 400mm long each time
    10. Only one person is required to operate the machine, which is mainly responsible for starting and discharging.
    11. Overall dimensions of the machine: 1120 (length) x 935 (width) x 2000 (height), net weight of main machine: 288Kg
3. Working principle of automatic intelligent plate pressing machine:
     1. Set the required processing parameters and turn on the power.
     2. Press the start button, and the servo system will automatically operate according to the set processing parameters.
     3. When the machine works normally, the machine will automatically complete the task set after the adhesion is completed.
     4. The feeding stroke must keep the position of the plate hanging strip and the film, otherwise the pressing will be misplaced.


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