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Use blue silicone PET protective film need to pay attention to the problem

First, the problem of degumming:
This problem is reflected in the protective film on the profile, when the user after the completion of the profile installation and construction of the protective film tear off from the surface of the profile, the protective film performance of the adhesive does not follow the protective film, but remain in the profile products , Which is the user most do not want to see.

Because it is very troublesome, you need someone to put these glue down from the profile, especially when the labor costs, there are many possibilities for this problem, the biggest possibility is that pressure-sensitive adhesive products used in protective film is not compliant, that is too sticky , Resulting in the protective film is stripped, the external tension greater than the internal force, and remained in the profile. If this problem occurs, you can use a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol, the remnants of the rubber repeatedly rubbed until the rubber was rubbed clean, but need to be aware that in the wipe when not to be too hard , Otherwise it may affect the finish of the profile product.

Second, the blue silicone PET protective film and the paste between the protected product is not strong, in the process of transport and use of the phenomenon of shedding. The most likely cause of this problem is that the protective film used in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive viscosity is not enough, there is a possibility that the user when the film used by the pressure of the molding machine is not enough pressure, or profile The surface is not clean, dust or paint, affecting the pressure-sensitive adhesive paste effect. If you have this problem should be for the reasons, the right remedy, change the adhesive, increase the foil pressure, or pay attention to the profile of the foil surface when the effective cleaning, to avoid such problems.

Third, although the blue silicone PET protective film can be effectively stripped, but the surface of the residual shape of the protective film performance words. This problem often occurs in some low-grade protective film products, because the protective film in combination with the protected profiles when encountered in the right environment, such as sunlight moisture, and a combination of what happens, There is currently no good way to avoid this combination, because its reproduction is not regularly found.

Fourth, the blue silicone PET protective film in the middle of use after a good performance, but both ends of the wings. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film in the paste with the protection of the profile, the greater degree of its stretch, after a good post, the case of high temperature environment, there has been an unnecessary retraction phenomenon, the problem occurs in many South customers on the product, so the blue silicone PET protective film in the production process should pay attention to the impact of environmental temperature on the product use, in the paste to avoid unnecessary surface tension.
Fifth, blue silicone PET protective film stripping difficult. When the profiles are peeled off, the protective film can not be effectively peeled off for two reasons. One is that the protective film used in the protective film is not a special protective film. If so, when the protective film is pasted Of course, the effect is very good, but it will be very difficult to peel off. This is also the most common problem that some illegal protective film manufacturers produce the protective film. Another possibility is to protect the material of the film master too Soft, can not afford to pull the force when stripping, fracture occurs when the stripping phenomenon, which is to make the user a very headache problem.

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