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Transparent PET protective film in the production process requires attention

About transparent PET protective film I believe many people are more familiar, because we often use this thing in life, then you know the process of making transparent PET protective film, we should pay attention to the problem? Xiaobian today for everyone to answer.
Transparent PET protective film is a pe raw material on the basis of the original film coated with glue made. Transparent PET protective film manufacturing is a more complex skills process, the general made of protective film have gone through many processes to do it. Protective film manufacturers made of transparent PET protective film is generally the first plastic PE made out of plastic, and then blown film technology to put the plastic into the machine made of transparent PET protective film.
1, suitable for sticky: easy to stick easily tear;
2, peel force stability: small changes over time, that is, the stripping force increases the smaller the better;
3, good weatherability: sunlight exposure conditions, the use of up to six months to a year;
4, long shelf life: stored in the warehouse more than a year, no change in quality;
5, no pollution, no corrosion: the adhesive is inert and does not react with the surface of the material being viscous reaction;
6, excellent mechanical properties: fit the user's request tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and so on.

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