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How to remove the PET film from the clothes?

Often inadvertently, will be glued to the PET film on clothing, and PET film classification is particularly large, such as PET film, PET no white film, PET film, etc., of course, when the clothes on the PET film, it should be How to remove it?
1, how to remove the foam adhesive
Dipped in foam adhesive on the clothes, very simple, as long as frozen in the refrigerator and took out with a simple hand gently rub on it.
2, universal adhesive stain removal
If the clothing is contaminated with all-purpose glue stains, the removal method is to use acetone or banana drops on the plastic stains, and then use the brush to repeatedly brushing until the glue becomes soft off from the fabric, and then rinse with water If you fail to do so, you can repeatedly brush several times and finally wash it.
3, white latex stain removal
White latex is actually a synthetic resin, the full name is polyvinyl acetate milk. Its characteristics is in addition to other types of nylon silk, the vast majority of other cellulosic materials have a bonding effect, so it can be firmly sticky And it has a feature that can be dissolved in a variety of solutions.If the clothing is contaminated with white latex, then the best way is to use 60 ℃ white wine or 8: 2 alcohol (95%) and water Of the mixture, used to soak white latex stains on clothing, soak for about half an hour, scrub with water until washed until the final rinse with water can be.
4,520 PET film removal
If the clothing is contaminated with 520PET film, you can generally use the following three methods.
(1) into the freezer for a period of time, then rub it directly with your hands.
(2) The use of acetone, which is a chemical reagent, it can dissolve the glue, the effect of using this method is the fastest, and easy to use, as long as the acetone wash immediately wash the clothes so that it can be toxic, but pay attention to acetone toxic , Do not drink, and easy to burn, can not see the open flame
(3) to use the blade carefully scraping, but the main must be careful.
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