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Top Ten PET film deep processing of the problem summary

PET film in the glass deep processing will be a lot of problems, let us conclude for your reference.
First, the holding time: holding time is short, the adhesive composition of the PET film and the glass reaction is not sufficient, prone to degumming; insulation longer, the stronger the adhesion; holding time should be based on the characteristics of equipment to be set. Single-layer furnace holding time is short, double-layer and multi-layer furnace insulation for a long time, thick glass, thick decoration, PET film thickness and color PET film to be appropriate to extend the holding time.
Second, increase the processing temperature: thick glass, thick decoration, PET film thickness, color PET film, multi-layer furnace to properly increase the processing temperature.
Third, to extend the holding time: When the temperature reaches the processing requirements, thick glass, thick decoration, PET film thickness, color PET film to be appropriate to extend the holding time, the purpose is to make the adhesive in the PET film fully bonded with the glass reaction.
Fourth, the furnace temperature is uneven: uneven heating of the glass, the impact of adhesion resulting degumming, fog phenomenon.
Fifth, the glass surface temperature and hot air temperature (temperature measurement point): temperature measurement point outside the temperature in the silicone bag called hot air temperature, although the furnace temperature has reached the requirements, but the temperature inside the bag is still very low, reach the processing requirements , You need to extend the holding time as much as possible, so that the bag temperature reaches the process requirements and the full bonding reaction occurs, in order to avoid degumming phenomenon; if the temperature measuring point in the silica gel bag, said the glass surface temperature, it is easy to control the temperature and holding time.
Sixth, the temperature is too high: ① plastic outflow of large amount of plastic side of the less easy degumming or bubbles; ② prone to the road and chicken paw prints.
Seven, the temperature is too low: the adhesive in the PET film can not be fully bonded with the glass reaction, prone to degumming. Due to the different furnace heating speed, space size, the use of glass, decorative materials, different thickness of the PET film, the temperature measurement point is different, so the processing temperature can not be too rigid, the temperature to melt out of PET film, but not too much Spill plastic thickness of about 2mm best).
Eight single-processing furnace and multi-processing furnace: single-layer furnace heating fast, short holding time; multi-layer furnace slow heating, long holding time, in the production, should be based on the characteristics of their own equipment to explore and adjust the processing technology.
Nine, tempered laminated glass: Customers according to the level of glass tempering, choose how thick the PET film to make up for uneven glass. In the co-opted try to choose the correct surface, not opposite.
Ten, excessive humidity: the impact of PET film adhesive degumming or bubble.
Now, the deep processing of domestic PET film innovation, continuous breakthroughs, but also continue to meet the needs of customers, but also pay attention to the problems in production.
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