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PET film introduced a variety of functions

In addition to the ordinary polyester film excellent physical and mechanical properties, but also has excellent optical properties, such as transparency, low haze, high gloss.
It is mainly used for high-grade vacuum aluminum products, the film is mirror-coated aluminum, with good packaging decoration effect; it can also be used for laser laser anti-counterfeit base film. High brightness PET film market capacity, high added value, significant economic benefits. PET film film
PET film reflective film
PET film reflective film is characterized by the film has excellent optical properties, surface roughness, smooth, good thermal stability, shrinkage rate, light aging.
Reflective materials used in transport facilities have two types of lens-type retroreflective film and flat-top type reflective film, both of them are made of reflective film made of aluminized PET film, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and then have a refractive index of 1.9 Glass beads adhered to the PET film on the aluminum film, and then spray a layer of butyral surface protection Serve.
PET film reflective film reflective requirements for the use of billboards, reflective traffic signs (reflective road signs, reflective isolation zone, reflective license plate number), reflective uniforms, industrial safety signs. PET film film
PET film transfer film
Transfer film, also known as thermal transfer film, this transfer film is characterized by high tensile strength, good thermal stability, low heat shrinkage, surface smooth and clean, good peelability, can be repeatedly used. It is mainly used as vacuum aluminum carrier, is the PET film film is placed in the vacuum aluminum machine aluminum, glue and paper compound, and then peel PET film, the aluminum molecular layer by the role of adhesion will be transferred to the cardboard surface On the formation of the so-called aluminum plated cardboard. Aluminum cardboard production process is:
Base film of PET film → release layer → color layer → aluminum plating layer → coating layer → transfer to jam.
Vacuum aluminum foil cardboard is a kind of metal luster cardboard, is developed in recent years, a kind of advanced new packaging materials. This bright aluminum plated cardboard, metallic strong, bright and elegant printed products, printing can replace the large area of gold foil, for the beautification of the product played a icing on the cake. Because it adopts the method of vacuum aluminizing, only a layer of 0.25um ~ 0.3um thin and tightly bright aluminum layer is covered on the surface of the paper jam, which is only one hundredth of one percent of the mounted aluminum foil paper layer, A noble and beautiful metal texture, but also has biodegradable, recyclable environmental properties, is a green packaging materials. Jiangsu Zhongda through formula and process adjustments, developed in 2005 and mass market, received very good economic returns.
PET film antistatic film
Nowadays, the world has entered the era of information. Electromagnetic waves of various frequencies and wavelengths fill the entire earth space. These electromagnetic waves may interfere with unshielded sensitive electronic components, circuit boards and communication equipment to varying degrees, causing data distortion. Communication disorder.
The electromagnetic induction and friction generated by the electrostatic on a variety of sensitive components, instrumentation, some chemical products, as a result of electrostatic accumulation of packaging film high voltage discharge, the consequences will be destructive, so the development of anti-static PET film packaging film Very important. Anti-static film is characterized by the addition of an anti-static agent in the PET film film, the film surface to form a very thin conductive layer, and the formation of continuous phase, improve the surface conductivity, the resulting charge leakage as soon as possible. The anti-static film generally requires the surface resistivity ≤ 109 ~ 11 ohms.
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