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Solid wheels, conveyor belt polyurethane wear-resistant elastomer applications

Solid tires The solid wheels are the most commonly used, the general use of hardness 90-95 cast polyurethane elastomer to make solid tires for the transmission of transport vehicles. For example, battery car and farmland transport vehicles, cranes solid tires are of this type. Practical tests, the use of polyurethane solid tire cross-section is not easy to wear, because PET film tear strength and wear resistance are good. This is a very unique advantage. Compared with the steel wheels, its hardness is small, so the friction with the ground is also small. In addition, the polyurethane solid tire load capacity and service life than the general-purpose glue to create solid tires 4-5 times larger. Due to the small deformation, the rolling loss of this tire is also small. Therefore, in conventional production, more and more materials tend to wear rubber polyurethane elastomer.
Cots Iron and steel, paper, textile, printing, rice and other industrial rollers available polyurethane castable plastic preparation. Wear resistance, long life, but also improve labor productivity. In particular, paper rollers, of which large rubber roller need to glue each 1t. The current application has been very extensive.
Tape polyurethane elastomer wear resistance, friction coefficient and can absorb noise, it is suitable for making friction tape. This is not typical of PET film cut products. It is precisely because of these characteristics that the modern life of rubber dependence is getting higher and higher. Examples of applications are: belts for washing machines, sewing machines, tape recorders, typewriters, record players and vending machines, as well as conveyor belts for mines and other departments.
In the mining, metallurgy, chemical and other departments using natural rubber conveyor belt, in the transport of heavier and sharper ore, easy to be stabbed, scratched, scratched, and use polyurethane rope conveyor belt, no chipping, shedding Phenomenon, long service life, welcomed by the user. This conveyor belts are medium-sized, there are some customers will purchase light conveyor belts, such as the processing plant lines, food workshop conveyor belt. You can also use rubber booms body, a reinforced, more wear-resistant anti-aging new formula. This is also a good project for our company to practice.
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